Filet Mignon for Dinner Anyone?

I cook filet mignonette for dinner once a week. It always comes out delicious. I only use this recipe for this type of beef cut, but if you want to try it on a different cut of beef go ahead.


*Green pepper



*Filet mignon

*BBQ sauce or ketchup

*Worchester Sauce





Step 1: Dice up some onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.

1/8 cup of each.

The amount varies depending on how many steaks you are making. I make two steaks. Thus, I do 1/8 of a cup of                 green peppers. Then I do one slice of the onion which equals about 2 tablespoons. The mushroom are the same                  amount: usually one or two mushrooms. I peel the outer skin off of my mushrooms instead of brushing the debris                  off. It’s easier that way (for me, anyway).

Step 2: Turn on stove to low heat.

Filet Mignon IMG_1284

Once pan has been preheated, put small amount of butter in pan to melt.

Throw in the diced onions, green peppers, and mushrooms. Let them cook for a minute, then push them to the                      side of the pan.

Filet Mignon 2 IMG 1278

Step 3: Trim off extra fat from sides of filet mignon.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Add about a half a teaspoon of Worchester sauce to each side of the steaks. One side at a time. Message the                     Worchester sauce into each side of the steak.

Filet Mignon IMG_1282

Filet Mignon IMG_1279

Step 4: Add flavored steaks to the hot pan with the diced onion, etc. Let cook till you can see the edges starting to brown.

Filet Mignon IMG_1283

Step 5: Flip steaks and let cook till the edges begin to brown. Depending on how you like your meat is how long you will you             cook them. Ten minutes at least. If you like your meat cooked well, continue to step 6.

Filet Mignon IMG_1287

I cook my steaks to almost well done. My husband’s, I’ll cook till med-well. So, he’ll get his dinner plate first.

Step 6: I like my meat cooked to almost well done. So, when I flip the meat to the cooked side, I will score it. This helps the               meat to cook faster and prevents it from being overcooked even if you want it well done. The heat cooks it more                   evenly when scored and thus more quickly as well.

Filet Mignon IMG_2828

Step 7: I like to add BBQ sauce or ketchup to the meat after it is cooked to a medium well state. I cut it in cubes while it is in              the pot. Then I quickly add BBQ sauce/ketchup to it. I let it cook for a minute more to set the sauce and cook it a                  little more.

Filet Mignon IMG_2838 Filet Mignon IMG_2839 Filet Mignon IMG_2841 Filet Mignon IMG_2842

I know that you aren’t supposed to cut stuff in the pot/pan while cooking it. But that’s what I do. Just make sure it’s                not a pan with a non-stick coating and you should be fine. I hate those non-stick pans. I have a thing against them                so I never use them unless I’m cooking chicken. It prevents the chicken from cooking too fast and drying out.

Step 8: Once the BBQ sauce has set, it is ready to eat. Don’t forget those diced onions, green peppers, and mushrooms to              the side. Put them over the top of the bite sized pieces of filet mignon. Enjoy!

Filet Mignon IMG_2844

I know that most say you shouldn’t cook anything together with meat in the same pan because of bacteria that can             make you sick. However, I never get sick. But if you want to cook the “veggies” separately then go ahead and do it               in a different pan. However, I do it in the same pan so the flavor of the veggies get absorbed by the meat.

I have different sides with this. Sometimes perogies, other times mashed potatoes, and sometimes mac-n-chz.

Filet Mignon IMG_2848

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