Heavy Rain in the Desert is Problematic

Yesterday, I witnessed first hand the problems of traveling even a short distance in the desert when it rains. Where I was driving, the rain wasn’t bad at all. Only when I stopped at Starbuck’s to get a drink and a sandwich did it pour for 10 or so minutes. I was rather annoyed trying to get my stuff from the drive-thru window because of the pouring rain. So, I was happy when it stopped just when I pulled away from Starbucks to continue my journey home.

It was still raining a little bit as I continued along my way, but it wasn’t bad. So, when I was only ten minutes away from home, I was rather chagrined that traffic had slowed to a crawl and then a total stop. I sat in my car for a half hour before I decided to put it in park and shut off the engine. I had to get out and stretch my legs. I was rather bored so I decided to take some photos. This is what it looked like.

This is the car line of stopped/idling cars behind my car.

This is the car line of stopped/idling cars behind my car.

Originally, I had thought that it was an accident. However, it turns out the road ahead had flooded with water and tons of sand. They had the plows out there and some police officers. I was not able to know about the plows till the line of cars were able to move again and I was able to continue on my journey home.

Here's my car. You can see how the sand is on the road. That's from the rain.

Here’s my car. You can see how the sand is on the road. That’s from the rain.

You can see little drifts of sand on the road in the picture above. That’s my nice blue Ford Escape in the picture. It’s the first car in the picture.

The line of cars in front of my car.

The line of cars in front of my car.

Another view of the line of cars/automobiles looking in front of my car. I love the look of the sky that I was able to capture in the photo above.

People were getting restless. You can see them starting to get out of their cars and looking around.

People were getting restless. You can see them starting to get out of their cars and looking around.

This picture above is fuzzy but I think it’s an interesting picture in that it shows the people.

After a while, more people got out of their vehicles to walk around.

After a while, more people got out of their vehicles to walk around.

I think this is an awesome image because it shows the attitude and feelings of the people being put at a disadvantage because of the rain. The guy whose image is reflected in the mirror to the right side of the image made me shake me head and laugh. Him and his buddies were saying “oh my God” over and over again. Then, I heard them saying they had to “go piss” and that they couldn’t wait any longer. They actually lucked out because the car to the side of them had pulled away and went in the opposite direction of the line. So, these guys ended up being able to get out of the line and probably felt really relieved that they could “go piss”. 🙂

The long line stretched both ways.

The long line stretched both ways.

I love this picture above also. You can see the people’s attitudes and the plow/trucks in the distance fixing the road. You can also see the sand and water on the road. I didn’t know how awesome of a picture this would turn out to be until I got home and saw it on my computer.

161 edit

People got back into their cars to listen to the radio to combat their boredom. Plus, it was starting to drizzle again. I stayed outside even while it was drizzling. I was actually walking around outside of my car taking these pictures.

You can see a little bit of how the sand and water got all over the road.

You can see a little bit of how the sand and water got all over the road.

It took a whole hour for them to get the road good enough for us to be able to drive on. Even then, only one lane was safe enough to drive over. Good thing it was a two-lane on each side of the road. I was so happy to be able to step on that gas pedal.

The problem of rain in the desert.

The problem of rain in the desert.

Of course, I wasn’t gonna step too hard on the pedal though. There was still water puddles and sand here and there. Puddles are bad enough, but when u have sand in there also it’s another story. My car has sand all over it now. It needs a car wash, but I’m gonna be leaving on vacation soon. Tomorrow is prep day for my vacation to the Mid-West.

One side of the road was blocked off because of the accumulated sand and water. It was pretty thick in some places.

One side of the road was blocked off because of the accumulated sand and water. It was pretty thick in some places.

You can see my graduation tassel here. It says 2012 and that’s the year I graduated from my Bachelor program at the University of Phoenix. The time is wrong on that clock there….it’s three hours ahead and five minutes behind, so it was really about 6:40 pm at the time of this picture.

Well, that was an adventure. Annoying, but what can you do? It’s the desert and the sand just goes where it wants to when it rains.

Did you find this interesting? Did you learn anything about desert living/desert problems from this post? I hope you did.

This blog post may give me some story ideas.

If you would like to see the first book I’ve ever published, the amazon link is below.


HOW TO: Gluten-Free Banana Pancake

I make gluten free banana pancakes at home about once a week. They are important to make properly because bananas are quite wet, so u want to use the banana as a substitute to replace the egg and a majority of the milk that is usually used. This is how I make my pancake and it comes out delicious.


1 oz milk

1 medium banana

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

1/4 cup of gluten free pancake mix flour

Real maple syrup for pancake after it’s finished cooking

Butter for skillet to cook pancake


1. Get out a bowl and fork.

Use 2/3 of the banana and put in bowl with cinnamon.

Set the remaining banana on a plate and slice into 1/4 inch slices. Set aside.

Mash together the bananas and cinnamon with fork.

Let sit for a minute so that it becomes extra mushy and watery.


This is what I let my banana looks like when I use it for pancakes. I want it to get nice and sweet so that it adds to the taste of the pancake.

This is how the banana and cinnamon should look like when mashed together.

This is how the banana and cinnamon should look like when mashed together.

2. Next, add 1/4 cup of gluten-free pancake mix powder to the mashed bananas.

This is a relatively inexpensive brand that I use. I sometimes use a more expensive different brand.

This is a relatively inexpensive brand that I use. I sometimes use a more expensive different brand.

The measuring cup that I use with pancake mix.

The measuring cup that I use with pancake mix.

This is how it should look with the pancake mix flour added.

This is how it should look with the pancake mix flour added.

See how you can form fork marks in it?

See how you can form fork marks in it?

3. Gradually add 1 ounce of milk to batter.

Batter should not be thin but not thick either.

If it’s too thin, it won’t cook thoroughly.

The 1 oz of mik

The 1 oz of mik

The batter should look like this after adding the milk.

The batter should look like this after adding the milk.

See how it is thick enough to remain on the fork for a few seconds before it falls off. This is a good thickness for the batter.

See how it is thick enough to remain on the fork for a few seconds before it falls off. This is a good thickness for the batter.

4. Turn on stove burner to a low setting.

Add butter once warm.

Butter should melt and slowly bubble.

If the butter smokes and turns brown then the heat is at too high of a setting.

This is the setting I use on my

This is the setting I use on my “real fire” stove. It’s set between low and medium.

Here's the batter in the pan on a low to med flame.

Here’s the batter in the pan on a low to med flame.

A look inside the pan.

A look inside the pan.

5. I leave it cooking on one side for about five minutes.

This is so that it actually cooks out the moisture so that it won’t be wet and gooey in the middle.

It should bubble somewhat while it is cooking.

After five minutes, flip pancake.

It should be nice and dark brown colored.

This is how it should look after you flip it.

This is how it should look after you flip it.

A close-up view....Note how there are little holes from the bubbling while cooking. This allows air flow for proper cooking.

A close-up view….Note how there are little holes from the bubbling while cooking. This allows air flow for proper cooking.

6. Once you flip the pancake, the other side will cook faster.

Cook for 3 minutes.

It shouldn’t burn because the flame is really low.

After 3 minutes, flip again.

This is what the other side of the pancake looks like. It's a little odd looking, but it should be cooked through.

This is what the other side of the pancake looks like. It’s a little odd looking, but it should be cooked through.

A closer view. If you touch it, it should feel cooked and not wet.

A closer view. If you touch it, it should feel cooked and not wet.

7. It should be ready to eat and enjoy.

Get your plate with the set aside banana slices.

Add the pancake to the plate.

Top pancake with syrup and enjoy.

I added some dried cranberries to the banana slices.

Sometimes I add a side of blueberries to the banana slices instead.

The fully cooked pancake with some banana slices and dried cranberries.

The fully cooked pancake with some banana slices and dried cranberries.

Fully cooked pancake with some syrup.

Fully cooked pancake with some syrup.

I love the way the pancake tastes. It takes a while to cook the pancake, but the taste is worth it. Yes, this is a recipe that serves only one person, but you can make this for more just using the same methods and tips.

Enjoy your gluten-free pancake.

If this pancake isn’t for you, maybe you’d like my book instead.


Playing Sports isn’t for Me

I really dislike playing sports. I gave it a shot when I was younger, but it just never worked out. I remember some rather hilarious and somewhat embarrassing episodes.

Let’s start with kickball. That should be a rather easy sport to play, right? Not so. I just couldn’t figure out how to kick that ball. “How do I kick it?” I would ask in exasperation. “Just kick it,” they’d reply. “How? With the tip of my shoe? With the side?”  I was so confused. I put all my effort into trying to figure out how to actually make contact with the ball, but nobody would give me a sufficient answer. Eventually, the gym class gave me up as a lost cause. If I did actually kick the ball it went directly to the pitcher and I ended up striking out. To this day, I still can’t kick a ball.

There was also basketball in high school gym class. I didn’t mind that sport, but I just could not catch a pass if the ball was headed my way. One day, the class had a various number of basketballs out there and we were in groups. So, it was rather noisy and balls were everywhere. I heard a girl shout “watch out!” coming from somewhere behind me. I turned to look and smack it was too little too late. Where in the world did that ball come from to be coming straight down upon my head!? I still remember how I really wanted to faint from the extreme force. Of course I fell down and while it was funny to an onlooker, I didn’t think it was funny at all. It hurt so much I couldn’t help crying. I heard someone say, “You must have a hard head”. I figured it was part compliment and part lack of consideration. To this day, I cringe, close my eyes, and cover my head whenever I see a ball headed my way.

Maybe worst of all was when I tried to do a cartwheel when I was in fifth grade. I liked gymnastics so I was good with doing that. However, I couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life. Still can’t. So, the teacher had set up an obstacle course and everyone took a turn going through it. So, for some reason, the other students were doing cartwheels at the end. I refused to do one because my better judgement was telling me not to. But everyone, including the teacher, wanted me to try one. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did. So, what happened?  My shirt ended up over my head and I had fallen on top of the teacher. I heard a gasp go through the class as I/we fell in a heap.

I had to try to do sports all throughout my school years because of required gym classes. However, they all ended up in some kind of tragedy or embarrassing event. So, I stopped participating the last few years of high school. Even today, I avoid playing any kind of sport. I know they aren’t for me unless I’m looking for a funny story idea. 🙂

One day, I do want to learn how to swim. However, my past experiences are making me hesitant to try this out. I have to decide whether the embarrassment of the process is worth learning how to swim.

Quiet = Trouble?

Quiet Picture

Is it really true that if your kids are quiet that they are up to no good? For me, that is a resounding “no”. When I was a kid, I remember an adult saying that of me when I was just sitting there quietly on a chair watching everything going on around me. I was just watching everyone else. She was concerned that I was doing nothing and told me to do something. I reluctantly picked up a book and pretended to read it. She realized I was not really reading and told me that I needed to do something else if I didn’t want to read. So, I was forced to get up and do something. The thing is that I’ve always done this…the sitting and watching people around me do things. I am an observer really. I like to think about and observe things and people. I’m not thinking about how to get in trouble. I’m thinking about how people respond to things in their daily lives and how that shows their personality. I do the same with things in nature. When I had the time to do so, I would just sit outside on the porch and watch the rain. I would listen to the rain fall and watch to see how the animals and insects react while it was raining. I have always been like this…it’s a part of my personality.

My son is not noisy all the time. Sometimes, he will just be playing quietly and he won’t be doing anything mischievous. I’ve found him quietly playing with his Legos or just drawing on his paper pad with his pens and pencils. He also has this book that if you “paint it” with just plain water the picture shows up colored. He really likes those books. So, he’ll be perfectly content doing that as well and will be nice and quiet while he’s concentrating on “painting” the picture.

So, evidently, being quiet when you’re a child is not always a bad thing. It doesn’t always mean that the child is up to trouble. I love it when my boy is playing quietly. I like the quiet.

That saying that adults use that quiet means trouble is therefore false. It’s also misleading because we want our kids to be able to be quiet and not be noisy all the time. There are places and times that our kids need to be quiet.


Kitchen Hacks

I actually hate reading articles that claim that they have some useful hacks. It always turns out to be mainly rubbish and stuff I’d never want to use or do because it’s just ineffective or it makes the house look ugly. However, I think I have some good ideas for use in the kitchen.

My first is concerning bags clips. I have never liked using those because they can easily fall off. So, I use something that definitely won’t fall off. I use elastics. I just fold over the opened bag of frozen broccoli and then hold the fold in place with the elastic.

broccoli hack

The next one is concerning reheating certain types of leftovers. Some people hate reheated food from the day before. So, if that’s you, then go ahead and skip this two paragraph section. I find leftovers just fine to eat the next day. Of the foods I make ahead and reheat are bacon and waffles. For bacon, past one day isn’t good. For waffles, three days is the max for me. After that, they just lose their flavor.

To reheat the waffles, I just use the toaster oven on the warm setting for five minutes. To reheat the bacon, I do it differently as it has grease. You don’t want to overheat the bacon also as it will be gross. If you do it in the microwave, that makes it gross to me as well. I reheat it on the stove, but on a piece of foil instead of dirtying another pot. Usually, i will put it over the burner after I have used it and shut it off. Only takes a few minutes to be nice and warm. But you can turn on the burner on the low setting also. I have a stove where the top is flat. I don’t have burners that stick up and out. So, if you don’t have a flat top stove, this won’t work for you.

Bacon hack

Did you like these three kitchen hacks? Are you going to try them out? I use them all the time.

Snacking On-the-Go

snacks                                                                                 *

Snacks for children in the car and on-the-go that were “healthy” used to be an easier task. I would bring chew crackers and dried fruit and that would satisfy him until he was actually able to get some “real food”. That was when he was one year old. Now he is two and a half and “healthy” snacks are a little bit more harder to come by. Sure, I could carry some baby food packets because he still likes those. But in the back seat of the car and alone that’s not a good idea. He’d create a mess….as he always does when he can. Or, I could still bring dried fruit. However, he doesn’t like dried fruit anymore. He’s getting more picky and particular as time passes. He seems to want what mom is snacking on. Can you see where this is going?

Yep, anything I want to snack on, he wants to try. So, now he has tried slim jim, chips, muffins, and M&M’s. That’s only naming a few. He loves OJ and sometimes likes apple juice…so that’s still a win right there. I always keep single serve bottles of the juice in the passenger side of the car in the front seat. Thus, he can have his drink on the go when he needs it. I can grab it for him while I’m driving. Thus, I don’t have to make an extra stop to get him a drink.

So, I’m not really sure what to get for him as a snack on the go when we are going somewhere. Fruit takes time to prepare and the ones they sell pre-cut in the store are just disgusting. Same thing with veggies. He also does not like veggies anymore. He used to like a few, but he gave up on them. So, I guess I will just have to feed him snacks that aren’t good for him while we are traveling.

But, at home, he always gets a home cooked meal that is good for him. I cook twice a day everyday. So, I’m figuring that should balance it all out.


*Image was created by me.

My Office

I’ve been wanting my own office for a long time. I wanted it so that baby was not allowed in. That meant that dad wasn’t allowed in either because he would let our boy in there too. So, when we moved into the new house and I saw the large closet attached to the master bathroom, I thought it might make the perfect office for me. So far, it’s working just fine. Only when I do laundry I have to shoo my boy out cause the laundry basket of dirty clothes are kept in here also. You can see the wicker laundry baskets (just barely) in the photo below.


So far, I’ve got my computer, some of my clothes, and some of various other things belonging solely to me in the closet. It’s not totally organized as there is lots of other things that need to be done in the rest of the house. But it works for now till I can organize it better later. I have my files and rough drafts from my new book as well. They are in a pile in my office. I also found my notebook with the passwords that I need to get onto the website to publish my book. So, I’m gradually getting there as regards to working on finishing the publication of my book. My new office will definitely help a lot in working towards that goal and getting it done.


It’s right in front of the door, so I usually scoot the chair to the side when I’m not at my desk. Other than that, it is just fine. I may rearrange my desk later, but we’ll see if this is the best spot or not.

Kids and Spit

I’ve been teaching my almost two year old boy how to blow, choke and spit. All of these are important. He can blow on his food if it’s too hot…and he does. He will also choke up his food if he hasn’t chewed it properly and then may rechew it later. Yes, he has done that more than once because he was excited when he was eating. Spitting is mainly for brushing teeth. However it can be a lifesaver too.

So, today, I received a package in the mail with stuff I ordered from a company that sells environmentally friendly body lotions, shower gels, makeup, etc. I had ordered a bunch of soap based products. My boy likes to open the boxes we get in the mail. So, he was into the stuff pretty quick. I thought that there was an inner seal on the tubes and bottles, but I was still watching him just in case. In the blink of an eye, he bit the lid to open it and it opened all right. Out came the soap and into his mouth it went. He was squeezing the bottle so of course the soap came out once the lid was popped open.

I went over to him and told him to spit it out. He was about to try to swallow it even though it tasted awful. Realizing he had the option to spit it out instead, he spit it out really well. After wiping it from his mouth, I then proceeded to tell him the dangers of not listening to mom about chewing on soap products. I then went and got him some water to dilute the remnants of the soap in his mouth. He drank it readily because I told him it was to get rid of the soap in his mouth.

Even though the soap most likely would not have made him ill, I’m still glad that he could spit it out. He had actually just learned to spit quite recently. So glad I thought to teach him early. Saved me some worry.


Art Merchandise Swap

Ever do a merchandise swap? It’s like a gift exchange, but in my case it was a swap of two different types of art items. She created a figurine of an orange cat for me. I sent her one of my books that I have already published…..my first book. She ended up send me hers first because I was just too busy to be first. LOL…

I decided on an orange cat because those are my favorite kinds of cats. I don’t have any cats or any animals of any type. However, if I did, it would be an orange cat. They are beautiful cats and they often have a “leave me alone” personality. I like the independent animals that don’t need 24/7 attention. After all, I have a child who demands me almost 24/7…well, 18/7 is more realistic cause he does sleep but he wakes often.

It came out very nicely, though not as I had expected. I also love the pose she gave it. At first, I was going to put it in my china cabinet. However, I have mini plants on the window sill in the kitchen and it looks quite comfortable and happy sitting there with them. So, I’m going to keep it on the kitchen window sill.

I would have liked to post a pic of the kitten on the window sill. However, I was not expecting to have the time to write this post so I did not take a picture. I also didn’t have the time yet to take a picture. But, I do have a picture I took of the cat when I first took it from the box. It is sitting besides my choice of drink for this year’s Christmas dinner. There’s a star ornament sitting besides the cat that she sent me also.

Cat Figurine

If u like what she did for me, then you can contact her through facebook. Her business page is https://www.facebook.com/heaventoearthcrafts/


Forgetting the Toothpaste


So, it often happens that I forget to get something at the store that I need. One time, I kept forgetting to get toothpaste. So, eventually I gave up, and used my little boy’s toothpaste. Now I just keep using it and I bought some more.

I often forget to get things at the grocery store that I need. It’s because he is so particular in what he eats and doesn’t want to eat. I spend so much time wondering what different thing to get him or make for him to eat. So, I end up forgetting the one thing I really needed to get for myself. One time I forgot to get deodorant for myself for two days in a row!

So, I’ve just continued using his infant toothpaste. I have to say that I really like using it. It isn’t a horrible flavor. In fact, it has barely any flavor in it. It’s a clear color instead of the usual white or that icky and horrible blue toothpaste color. It also doesn’t have fluoride in it which is what I look for in toothpaste. Why have fluoride in toothpaste when it’s in the water and thus gets in your mouth when you are brushing anyways. That’s my thinking anyways.

It’s a real pain taking care of a baby/child by yourself. Such things as the above are only a few of the annoyances that happen on a daily basis. Can’t wait till the husband finally gets back. It would feel way too long if he didn’t come home every few months. So, in that respect, it’s not THAT bad.

Writing when your Doing it All?

Trying to continue to write when u are pretty busy is a little daunting. By writing I just don’t mean, writing a story. I mean doing the whole book process. The illustrations, the formatting, etc. It takes a lot of work to find time when already busy with other things. As if I wasn’t busy enough, I had another serious thing happen to further delay the writing process.

Yep, I ended up being sick for three days before I decided to go to the hospital. I thought that I would get better, but I didn’t. So, that’s why I waited to go see the doctor. They originally thought that it was a hernia, but it turned out to be a gall bladder infection. So, I was surprised to be told that I needed surgery. I was expecting to go back home after the diagnosis, but it wasn’t so.

So, the surgery is over now and my gall bladder is gone. I am at home and it has been a day since the surgery occurred. I have a bunch of bandages on my right side in the stomach area. I’m walking rather slowly and taking antibiotics and pain medications. I’m hoping that I’ll be walking a little faster in a week.

So, again, another setback to working on Kathlean’s Bad Day.

However, I did start writing the third book in the Pinkboat Series. I haven’t decided on the title’s name yet though.

So, I am writing but not getting the publishing of my 2nd book done. 😦 Hoping to get the corrections done on Kathlean’s Bad Day soon.



Going to Bed on the 4th of July

4th of July 2017

This year, I live in a neighborhood with lots of families, so I was wondering how bedtime would go during the fourth of July week. Every evening, there were fireworks being set off and they didn’t stop till midnight usually. However, bedtime went okay for baby. I was rather surprised but happy. I think it helped that he heard them going off and knew what they were before he started on bedtime. He slept through the fireworks each evening. It was rather odd now that I think about it, how he had a hard time sleeping after the firework holiday was over with. Maybe he got used to the fireworks?

I couldn’t go to sleep though. I was envying my baby as he slept through the fireworks. I surely could not do that. I had to wait till 1am till I could even think of sleeping. However, that is my usual time that I end up going to bed anyways.

It’s so odd how a baby can sleep through fireworks, but awaken at other things like noises of someone talking. I do have a white noise machine to cover up some house noises though and I’m sure that helps with house noise. I know though that it did not cover up the fireworks as the fireworks were way too loud.

Gotta write and run as it is nearing my bedtime. I guess I’ll be getting to bed past my bedtime again…..as happens to often.

You are You

So, I often hear this phrase, “if she/he can do it, so can I/you”. Seriously? Do you really think everyone can do what everyone else can do? That is really dumb. I especially hate it when people use it when comparing themselves to others and insulting the other person because they can’t do something. So, why am I writing about this?

Well, because people say it to me often when I say I can’t do something. I really can’t do it and they don’t believe me. They say, “You’re just lazy”…..”That’s just an excuse”. It gets me mad every time. I know who I am and what I can do. I have my limitations, but I guess I’m not an individual. I guess that everyone forgets that we are all individuals and are all different in our capabilities. I never impose that ridiculous saying on anyone because it is so not true.

Always remember that everyone is different and no one is the same. We are all individuals and are all capable of different things. Some things we cannot do. Other things we can do very well. Just imagine if everyone was the same….what a boring world that would be!

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