Kitchen Hacks

I actually hate reading articles that claim that they have some useful hacks. It always turns out to be mainly rubbish and stuff I’d never want to use or do because it’s just ineffective or it makes the house look ugly. However, I think I have some good ideas for use in the kitchen.

My first is concerning bags clips. I have never liked using those because they can easily fall off. So, I use something that definitely won’t fall off. I use elastics. I just fold over the opened bag of frozen broccoli and then hold the fold in place with the elastic.

broccoli hack

The next one is concerning reheating certain types of leftovers. Some people hate reheated food from the day before. So, if that’s you, then go ahead and skip this two paragraph section. I find leftovers just fine to eat the next day. Of the foods I make ahead and reheat are bacon and waffles. For bacon, past one day isn’t good. For waffles, three days is the max for me. After that, they just lose their flavor.

To reheat the waffles, I just use the toaster oven on the warm setting for five minutes. To reheat the bacon, I do it differently as it has grease. You don’t want to overheat the bacon also as it will be gross. If you do it in the microwave, that makes it gross to me as well. I reheat it on the stove, but on a piece of foil instead of dirtying another pot. Usually, i will put it over the burner after I have used it and shut it off. Only takes a few minutes to be nice and warm. But you can turn on the burner on the low setting also. I have a stove where the top is flat. I don’t have burners that stick up and out. So, if you don’t have a flat top stove, this won’t work for you.

Bacon hack

Did you like these three kitchen hacks? Are you going to try them out? I use them all the time.

My Office

I’ve been wanting my own office for a long time. I wanted it so that baby was not allowed in. That meant that dad wasn’t allowed in either because he would let our boy in there too. So, when we moved into the new house and I saw the large closet attached to the master bathroom, I thought it might make the perfect office for me. So far, it’s working just fine. Only when I do laundry I have to shoo my boy out cause the laundry basket of dirty clothes are kept in here also. You can see the wicker laundry baskets (just barely) in the photo below.


So far, I’ve got my computer, some of my clothes, and some of various other things belonging solely to me in the closet. It’s not totally organized as there is lots of other things that need to be done in the rest of the house. But it works for now till I can organize it better later. I have my files and rough drafts from my new book as well. They are in a pile in my office. I also found my notebook with the passwords that I need to get onto the website to publish my book. So, I’m gradually getting there as regards to working on finishing the publication of my book. My new office will definitely help a lot in working towards that goal and getting it done.


It’s right in front of the door, so I usually scoot the chair to the side when I’m not at my desk. Other than that, it is just fine. I may rearrange my desk later, but we’ll see if this is the best spot or not.

Writing when your Doing it All?

Trying to continue to write when u are pretty busy is a little daunting. By writing I just don’t mean, writing a story. I mean doing the whole book process. The illustrations, the formatting, etc. It takes a lot of work to find time when already busy with other things. As if I wasn’t busy enough, I had another serious thing happen to further delay the writing process.

Yep, I ended up being sick for three days before I decided to go to the hospital. I thought that I would get better, but I didn’t. So, that’s why I waited to go see the doctor. They originally thought that it was a hernia, but it turned out to be a gall bladder infection. So, I was surprised to be told that I needed surgery. I was expecting to go back home after the diagnosis, but it wasn’t so.

So, the surgery is over now and my gall bladder is gone. I am at home and it has been a day since the surgery occurred. I have a bunch of bandages on my right side in the stomach area. I’m walking rather slowly and taking antibiotics and pain medications. I’m hoping that I’ll be walking a little faster in a week.

So, again, another setback to working on Kathlean’s Bad Day.

However, I did start writing the third book in the Pinkboat Series. I haven’t decided on the title’s name yet though.

So, I am writing but not getting the publishing of my 2nd book done. ūüė¶ Hoping to get the corrections done on Kathlean’s Bad Day soon.



Book 1 & Book 2


I have been putting a lot of work and time into my new book which I want to have published by this fall. It didn’t take this much work and time when I published my first book. It took a few months to publish my first book, A PinkBoat Adventure. If I am calculating correctly, it will¬†take¬†me about a year to publish my next book, A PinkBoat Adventure – Part 2: “Kathlean’s Bad Day”.

The new book is coming along just fine in my estimation. I have 21 colored illustrations for inside the book. I also have about 21 pages of text to go along with those illustrations. However, I am going to do some two page spreads for some of the illustrations. That still adds up to¬†at least¬†42 pages of story/illustrations in the book. My first book, A PinkBoat Adventure, had half as much story/illustrations. There will also be twice as much text/reading in the new book than in the first book. So, this new book will satisfy those children who need “more story to read”. I have also let contractions be used in the story. In the previous book, I avoided using them. So, there are a number of differences in the way the book is being composed and put together.

I am using to publish my new book. For my first book, I used There is a big difference between these two companies. I can choose to do all the work with formatting the book using lulu. With Authorhouse, I had them do all the formatting work and a majority of the illustration work. Since I’m doing all the formatting work with lulu, there will be a large difference in the cost it will take to have the book published. With Authorhouse, it was a few thousand without¬†advertising. With lulu, it will be a few hundred without advertising.

I thought you might like a little look behind the scenes of my two books to see how the book world works. Even though it is taking me longer to publish my second book, I really do enjoy doing the work. I like creativity and being a children’s book author is a really good outlet for such.