Overlooking the Obvious

So, when I learned I was pregnant, I was feeling a lot of feelings. Didn’t really expect to get pregnant after 4 years of marriage. I figured it wasn’t in the cards for me, so it took me by surprise.  I thought I would read up on things to be prepared for whatever came my way. I even took a few classes at the hospital where I would deliver the baby. So, I figured I was pretty set to go and I knew the basics to get by with whatever happened when we took the baby home from the hospital. –

Well, I overlooked a few things.  I saw how it said that baby needs to be fed  8-12 times a day for about 4 months. I knew this would be a pain trying to wake up and feed the baby at night and all day every few hours. However, I thought it would just be a 15-20 minute session. So, I figured it wouldn’t be too bad. However, I forgot to add in the time it takes to burp baby and change his diaper. I also forgot to add in the time it would take to get baby to sleep again. Now, I know on a good day that it takes at least an hour to get a feeding session done. However, most times it takes up to two hours because baby is growing and feeds from both sides. He is also picky about how he goes to sleep. It has to be his way or no sleep…come what may. I remember how the lady at one of the classes said that sometimes baby will want to feed for 45 min. I thought this was the exception and just a “sometimes”. Evidently, the lady was just glossing over this fact or making it sound not too bad on purpose.

So, there I was concerned about the actual labor part of having a baby. Yet, that wasn’t the worst part. It was what I wasn’t concerned about that “got me” in the end. It was the breast feeding that took me by surprise even though  I was given little warnings and clues.

Our little boy is growing into a big boy fast. At 4 weeks, he wants to feed every two hours most of the time during the day. Sometimes, it is every hour. So, we just decided that we needed for sure to get formula because his eating needs are demanding. I need time to eat, go to the bathroom, sleep, shower, etc. Can’t do that with a baby who wants to eat all the time unless we have formula to give him in the meantime. We also have started giving him a pacifier and that helps a lot too because sometimes he just wants to suck and not really eat.

Oh, the joys of breastfeeding!



A Cute Afghan

Me and Afghan - 29 Weeks IMG_3284

I received this cute afghan from Leslie Everest last month. I had sent her a pink, wooden sailboat model because it was the prize in a giveaway that I was doing. I didn’t know she was making this. She made it and sent it to me. I like it and it goes with my first book, “A PinkBoat Adventure”. It’s nice and soft as well as warm. So, I have it on the couch in the living room till it gets to summertime weather and it’s too hot for afghans.

I took this picture yesterday. I’m at 29 weeks in this photo and I’m going into 30 weeks in a few days. It will be a boy, so it’s sort of funny that I’m sitting by a pink afghan. But the picture was meant to capture the nice afghan. Nevertheless, it’ll still be a fun picture some day in the future to show to baby. 🙂




‘Tis the Season to Get out that Scrub Brush.

Dry skin is always a pain for me in winter. But this year, it was extra annoying and bothersome. It was my back this time and it was so itchy it kept me from falling asleep at night. I had to do something fast before I ended up killing someone through anger at not getting sleep.

So, what did I do. I went and got me a scrub brush for my back. Whenever you have itchy dry skin, you need to scrub it off first. Of course, you do that in the shower with some soap. That’s what I did. Then, when that’s done, I applied some lotion. I was so relieved when I went to bed and it wasn’t itching. So glad there are scrub brushes for your back on the market!Scrub Brush IMG_3195

Originally, I had thought that nobody needs a scrub brush for the back. Well, I was wrong. I am happy they invented those things. No one got killed and I was able to get the sleep I really needed. Thankyou scrub brush and body lotion. 🙂



The Nuances of the Ponytail

How hard can making a ponytail be? Hmmm, well, let’s see. I thought it wasn’t too hard until I was doing one for my niece. Usually, I don’t put my hair up and I keep it down. I don’t know why I keep my hair down, but I realized the reasons behind it when I was trying to do a ponytail for my niece. I was trying to do a ponytail, but there’s always a bump leftover that didn’t get smoothed out enough. So, I take it out and try to redo it. It happens again just on another side of the head. How did ponytails get so hard to do?

Ponytail Drawing

Usually, I put my hair up after a shower. However, I don’t try to do it perfectly since it’s just to keep it out of my face while I brush my teeth and wash my face. So, the ponytail usually has bumps in it. Therefore, I never realized that doing a pony tail correctly was so hard. I have tried it again but when my hair was dry. I just can’t make a ponytail without bumps. I found myself getting annoyed and actually beginning to work up a sweat.

So, I have totally given up on trying to make a ponytail correctly for public viewing. It just keeps coming out the way it shouldn’t. Those bumps keep being the result of my efforts. So, you will never see me with my hair up in a ponytail unless it’s done by someone else. It’s just too much effort for something that doesn’t come out correctly. I’ll keep my bumpy ponytails for when I am keeping my hair out of my face and I’m not in public.

Such a seemingly simple hairstyle….but not so simple to do. At least not for me anyways. 🙂

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Playing Sports isn’t for Me

I really dislike playing sports. I gave it a shot when I was younger, but it just never worked out. I remember some rather hilarious and somewhat embarrassing episodes.

Let’s start with kickball. That should be a rather easy sport to play, right? Not so. I just couldn’t figure out how to kick that ball. “How do I kick it?” I would ask in exasperation. “Just kick it,” they’d reply. “How? With the tip of my shoe? With the side?”  I was so confused. I put all my effort into trying to figure out how to actually make contact with the ball, but nobody would give me a sufficient answer. Eventually, the gym class gave me up as a lost cause. If I did actually kick the ball it went directly to the pitcher and I ended up striking out. To this day, I still can’t kick a ball.

There was also basketball in high school gym class. I didn’t mind that sport, but I just could not catch a pass if the ball was headed my way. One day, the class had a various number of basketballs out there and we were in groups. So, it was rather noisy and balls were everywhere. I heard a girl shout “watch out!” coming from somewhere behind me. I turned to look and smack it was too little too late. Where in the world did that ball come from to be coming straight down upon my head!? I still remember how I really wanted to faint from the extreme force. Of course I fell down and while it was funny to an onlooker, I didn’t think it was funny at all. It hurt so much I couldn’t help crying. I heard someone say, “You must have a hard head”. I figured it was part compliment and part lack of consideration. To this day, I cringe, close my eyes, and cover my head whenever I see a ball headed my way.

Maybe worst of all was when I tried to do a cartwheel when I was in fifth grade. I liked gymnastics so I was good with doing that. However, I couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life. Still can’t. So, the teacher had set up an obstacle course and everyone took a turn going through it. So, for some reason, the other students were doing cartwheels at the end. I refused to do one because my better judgement was telling me not to. But everyone, including the teacher, wanted me to try one. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did. So, what happened?  My shirt ended up over my head and I had fallen on top of the teacher. I heard a gasp go through the class as I/we fell in a heap.

I had to try to do sports all throughout my school years because of required gym classes. However, they all ended up in some kind of tragedy or embarrassing event. So, I stopped participating the last few years of high school. Even today, I avoid playing any kind of sport. I know they aren’t for me unless I’m looking for a funny story idea. 🙂

One day, I do want to learn how to swim. However, my past experiences are making me hesitant to try this out. I have to decide whether the embarrassment of the process is worth learning how to swim.