Snacking On-the-Go

snacks                                                                                 *

Snacks for children in the car and on-the-go that were “healthy” used to be an easier task. I would bring chew crackers and dried fruit and that would satisfy him until he was actually able to get some “real food”. That was when he was one year old. Now he is two and a half and “healthy” snacks are a little bit more harder to come by. Sure, I could carry some baby food packets because he still likes those. But in the back seat of the car and alone that’s not a good idea. He’d create a mess….as he always does when he can. Or, I could still bring dried fruit. However, he doesn’t like dried fruit anymore. He’s getting more picky and particular as time passes. He seems to want what mom is snacking on. Can you see where this is going?

Yep, anything I want to snack on, he wants to try. So, now he has tried slim jim, chips, muffins, and M&M’s. That’s only naming a few. He loves OJ and sometimes likes apple juice…so that’s still a win right there. I always keep single serve bottles of the juice in the passenger side of the car in the front seat. Thus, he can have his drink on the go when he needs it. I can grab it for him while I’m driving. Thus, I don’t have to make an extra stop to get him a drink.

So, I’m not really sure what to get for him as a snack on the go when we are going somewhere. Fruit takes time to prepare and the ones they sell pre-cut in the store are just disgusting. Same thing with veggies. He also does not like veggies anymore. He used to like a few, but he gave up on them. So, I guess I will just have to feed him snacks that aren’t good for him while we are traveling.

But, at home, he always gets a home cooked meal that is good for him. I cook twice a day everyday. So, I’m figuring that should balance it all out.


*Image was created by me.

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