Quiet = Trouble?

Quiet Picture

Is it really true that if your kids are quiet that they are up to no good? For me, that is a resounding “no”. When I was a kid, I remember an adult saying that of me when I was just sitting there quietly on a chair watching everything going on around me. I was just watching everyone else. She was concerned that I was doing nothing and told me to do something. I reluctantly picked up a book and pretended to read it. She realized I was not really reading and told me that I needed to do something else if I didn’t want to read. So, I was forced to get up and do something. The thing is that I’ve always done this…the sitting and watching people around me do things. I am an observer really. I like to think about and observe things and people. I’m not thinking about how to get in trouble. I’m thinking about how people respond to things in their daily lives and how that shows their personality. I do the same with things in nature. When I had the time to do so, I would just sit outside on the porch and watch the rain. I would listen to the rain fall and watch to see how the animals and insects react while it was raining. I have always been like this…it’s a part of my personality.

My son is not noisy all the time. Sometimes, he will just be playing quietly and he won’t be doing anything mischievous. I’ve found him quietly playing with his Legos or just drawing on his paper pad with his pens and pencils. He also has this book that if you “paint it” with just plain water the picture shows up colored. He really likes those books. So, he’ll be perfectly content doing that as well and will be nice and quiet while he’s concentrating on “painting” the picture.

So, evidently, being quiet when you’re a child is not always a bad thing. It doesn’t always mean that the child is up to trouble. I love it when my boy is playing quietly. I like the quiet.

That saying that adults use that quiet means trouble is therefore false. It’s also misleading because we want our kids to be able to be quiet and not be noisy all the time. There are places and times that our kids need to be quiet.


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