O Faded Rose

O faded rose,

You are a sight to see.

But words of love you whisper to me.

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To the nose you bring no sweet smell,

But on the wind are words you do tell

of love that makes the heart swell.

O faded rose,

Overlooked by many,

Your worth much more than a penny.

O faded rose,

You’ve not lost your glory

and you have a great story.

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Some Interesting Night Photographs

I like taking photographs at night.

So, I’ve been doing some for my mid-term in my photography class.

I got some really interesting ones I’d like to share.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.


Can u see the mountains?


Can you see that “shooting star”?

It’s not really a shooting star by the way.

I’m not going to say what exactly the picture is of though.

It’s just what I can see out of the front door.

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I usually don’t post too often because I don’t know what to post about.

I have lots of ideas but haven’t decided upon one.

My home office that holds my "art" supplies.

My home office that holds my “art” supplies.

Would you like to know

* how bad/good my book sales are?

* if I am going to do another book?

* food/recipes I like to eat or make?

* other book merchandise I have for sale?

* short stories written by me?

* poems written by me?

Right now, I am taking a photography class and that takes up the whole of the day on Monday. I get so exhausted from being in class all day, but I’m hoping it is worth it.


Kathleen Ivan