An Easy & Delicious Dessert Idea

I eat dessert every day. It’s delicious and you do need something yummy and sugary. It’s not bad to eat some yummy and sugary dessert on a daily basis as long as you eat a small or moderate amount. One desert that I have tried recently that is yummy and has lots of flavors is the following. I’m gonna call it the Loaded Muffin. It’s not as dangerous as it sounds.


1 small chocolate chip muffin (Little Debbie – 220 calories).

Reddi Whip Whipped topping (I like the made with real milk one)

1 Banana

2 or 3 Strawberries

Cinnamon (optional)


This dessert is  400 calories. It depends on how much whipped topping you use. Don’t overload on the Reddi Whip and it will be 400 calories.


Slice muffin into 4 circular pieces and place in center of 6 inch plate.

Slice banana into bite-sized pieces of any thickness that you prefer.

Place sliced bananas around sliced muffin.

Muffin Dessert IMG_2814

Slice strawberries into bite-sized pieces and set aside. Make sure that you wash strawberries before slicing.

Cover each piece of muffin with the whipped topping.

Muffin Dessert IMG_2816

Take sliced strawberries and throw them on top of the whipped topping and bananas.

Muffin Dessert IMG_2818

If you want to add cinnamon, go ahead.

Now all u do is get a fork and enjoy. 🙂

Was that an easy desert to make? And nutritious?

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