O Faded Rose

O faded rose,

You are a sight to see.

But words of love you whisper to me.

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To the nose you bring no sweet smell,

But on the wind are words you do tell

of love that makes the heart swell.

O faded rose,

Overlooked by many,

Your worth much more than a penny.

O faded rose,

You’ve not lost your glory

and you have a great story.

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#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification…

#Read #Authors – #Copyright #Infringement #Notification….

An Interesting Decorative Item I Purchased from a UK Crafter

I got this cute little tree just the other day.

Green & Pink Gemmed Tree

Green & Pink Gemmed Tree

Those are green and light pink “stones” on the tree. I ordered in from Rainbow Trees.

It came from the UK.

People over there make interesting craft items.

This was a pretty penny, but I take care of my things so…….

Here’s a few pictures that give u an idea of how large the tree actually is.

This is how high the tree is.

It's small, but pretty.

It’s small, but pretty.

I actually specially ordered it. Originally, it was going to come with all green. However, I asked her to add pink to it and to use the star charms to hang in the branches. I also asked her to put those three charms on the bark. So, she’ll customize it the way you want it with the items she has on hand.


I only like to suggest products that I like and this is one that I like.

So, I’m suggesting you take a look at her items.

I took some of my Easter decorations and put them under the tree for a “cute” picture.


I am chuckling looking at this last picture. 🙂

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without the sun, the moon shall shine no more…

without the sun, the moon shall shine no more….


I like this writing.

It’s poetic. 🙂

Some Interesting Night Photographs

I like taking photographs at night.

So, I’ve been doing some for my mid-term in my photography class.

I got some really interesting ones I’d like to share.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.


Can u see the mountains?


Can you see that “shooting star”?

It’s not really a shooting star by the way.

I’m not going to say what exactly the picture is of though.

It’s just what I can see out of the front door.

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Automatic Chicken Coop Door Made Easy

Faithful Homesteader

Since our chickens are true free range chickens, we were always worrying about being home to lock the chickens in the coop at night. For a long time I was interested in an automatic coop door so that they could safely be tucked away even when we were gone. I also like the idea of the coop door opening automatically in the morning. We finally made the investment and I am so glad we did.

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