Sun, sun go away!

Sun, sun go away.

Don’t come again another day.

I wish you would hide away.

Behind a cloud all morning long.

You can tarry and stay gone.

You are so bright, I wake a fright.

To see you in my room alight.

I hug my pillow close and tight.

But still, I see your light.

Sunrise is way too early to be a fright.

And wake from my nice sleepy night.

The awful sun.

        The awful sun in my backyard.

I am not a morning person, so I wrote this quick poem to display my adverse/complicated feeling towards the sun. I really don’t like the sun waking me up every morning before eight thirty in the morning. However, no matter how I cover the windows, it still wakes me too early. Blinds and curtain don’t avail unless I use ugly thick drapes. Drapes I will not have in the bedroom. I like pretty curtains, so the fight with the sun goes on. Can I ever win without the use of drapes?

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