Going to Bed on the 4th of July

4th of July 2017

This year, I live in a neighborhood with lots of families, so I was wondering how bedtime would go during the fourth of July week. Every evening, there were fireworks being set off and they didn’t stop till midnight usually. However, bedtime went okay for baby. I was rather surprised but happy. I think it helped that he heard them going off and knew what they were before he started on bedtime. He slept through the fireworks each evening. It was rather odd now that I think about it, how he had a hard time sleeping after the firework holiday was over with. Maybe he got used to the fireworks?

I couldn’t go to sleep though. I was envying my baby as he slept through the fireworks. I surely could not do that. I had to wait till 1am till I could even think of sleeping. However, that is my usual time that I end up going to bed anyways.

It’s so odd how a baby can sleep through fireworks, but awaken at other things like noises of someone talking. I do have a white noise machine to cover up some house noises though and I’m sure that helps with house noise. I know though that it did not cover up the fireworks as the fireworks were way too loud.

Gotta write and run as it is nearing my bedtime. I guess I’ll be getting to bed past my bedtime again…..as happens to often.


Some Interesting Night Photographs

I like taking photographs at night.

So, I’ve been doing some for my mid-term in my photography class.

I got some really interesting ones I’d like to share.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.


Can u see the mountains?


Can you see that “shooting star”?

It’s not really a shooting star by the way.

I’m not going to say what exactly the picture is of though.

It’s just what I can see out of the front door.

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