‘Tis the Season to Get out that Scrub Brush.

Dry skin is always a pain for me in winter. But this year, it was extra annoying and bothersome. It was my back this time and it was so itchy it kept me from falling asleep at night. I had to do something fast before I ended up killing someone through anger at not getting sleep.

So, what did I do. I went and got me a scrub brush for my back. Whenever you have itchy dry skin, you need to scrub it off first. Of course, you do that in the shower with some soap. That’s what I did. Then, when that’s done, I applied some lotion. I was so relieved when I went to bed and it wasn’t itching. So glad there are scrub brushes for your back on the market!Scrub Brush IMG_3195

Originally, I had thought that nobody needs a scrub brush for the back. Well, I was wrong. I am happy they invented those things. No one got killed and I was able to get the sleep I really needed. Thankyou scrub brush and body lotion. 🙂