Playing Sports isn’t for Me

I really dislike playing sports. I gave it a shot when I was younger, but it just never worked out. I remember some rather hilarious and somewhat embarrassing episodes.

Let’s start with kickball. That should be a rather easy sport to play, right? Not so. I just couldn’t figure out how to kick that ball. “How do I kick it?” I would ask in exasperation. “Just kick it,” they’d reply. “How? With the tip of my shoe? With the side?”  I was so confused. I put all my effort into trying to figure out how to actually make contact with the ball, but nobody would give me a sufficient answer. Eventually, the gym class gave me up as a lost cause. If I did actually kick the ball it went directly to the pitcher and I ended up striking out. To this day, I still can’t kick a ball.

There was also basketball in high school gym class. I didn’t mind that sport, but I just could not catch a pass if the ball was headed my way. One day, the class had a various number of basketballs out there and we were in groups. So, it was rather noisy and balls were everywhere. I heard a girl shout “watch out!” coming from somewhere behind me. I turned to look and smack it was too little too late. Where in the world did that ball come from to be coming straight down upon my head!? I still remember how I really wanted to faint from the extreme force. Of course I fell down and while it was funny to an onlooker, I didn’t think it was funny at all. It hurt so much I couldn’t help crying. I heard someone say, “You must have a hard head”. I figured it was part compliment and part lack of consideration. To this day, I cringe, close my eyes, and cover my head whenever I see a ball headed my way.

Maybe worst of all was when I tried to do a cartwheel when I was in fifth grade. I liked gymnastics so I was good with doing that. However, I couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life. Still can’t. So, the teacher had set up an obstacle course and everyone took a turn going through it. So, for some reason, the other students were doing cartwheels at the end. I refused to do one because my better judgement was telling me not to. But everyone, including the teacher, wanted me to try one. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did. So, what happened?  My shirt ended up over my head and I had fallen on top of the teacher. I heard a gasp go through the class as I/we fell in a heap.

I had to try to do sports all throughout my school years because of required gym classes. However, they all ended up in some kind of tragedy or embarrassing event. So, I stopped participating the last few years of high school. Even today, I avoid playing any kind of sport. I know they aren’t for me unless I’m looking for a funny story idea. 🙂

One day, I do want to learn how to swim. However, my past experiences are making me hesitant to try this out. I have to decide whether the embarrassment of the process is worth learning how to swim.



I usually don’t post too often because I don’t know what to post about.

I have lots of ideas but haven’t decided upon one.

My home office that holds my "art" supplies.

My home office that holds my “art” supplies.

Would you like to know

* how bad/good my book sales are?

* if I am going to do another book?

* food/recipes I like to eat or make?

* other book merchandise I have for sale?

* short stories written by me?

* poems written by me?

Right now, I am taking a photography class and that takes up the whole of the day on Monday. I get so exhausted from being in class all day, but I’m hoping it is worth it.


Kathleen Ivan

What I’ve Been Up To…..

This is something I did in art class recently.

This is something I did in art class recently.

I’ve been busy with a bunch of things lately. I didn’t think that I could be busy out here in the desert. Yet, I am.

I have an art class that I have been going to twice a week. Then, I also go to Art Club meetings once a week. With Art Club comes volunteering opportunities which I will be engaging in soon at the end of this month and in November.

I’ve also been advertising to get actual reviews for my book, “A PinkBoat Adventure” on Amazon. I can’t change the price, so the price is $3.99 for digital format. My family is not internet friendly and others don’t see that it is valuable to leave a review. I often post reviews on Amazon for things I buy regardless of whether it’s a book or not. I feel like it’s valuable and helps others decide what product they will choose to buy.

I also have other daily things to do like grocery shopping, cooking dinner, etc.

I am also working on some art projects. They will be displayed for sale at art galleries in the local area. Hopefully, someone will purchase them as I am just a beginner “artist”.

It’s time for me to get some food….dinner time. 🙂


Kathleen Ivan

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Art Class & The Importance of Book Usage

I decided to take an art class to brush up on my painting “skills”. This is my second class so far. I originally thought that this was going to be an all book or mostly all book class. However, it’s not. So, I was rather annoyed when the teacher said that we didn’t “need” the book. What is up with teachers not using books? Books are so valuable.

Also, I want to learn something: the methods and processes involved in painting. I just can’t do something without learning how to do it first. I already tried that in my other class. 😦 So, I was rather annoyed after my first two days of class ended and I felt like I didn’t learn anything. So, I decided that it was up to me to “figure out” the concepts that go with the assignments the teacher was giving us.

So, I picked up the book that was suggested for the class but not “required”. I compared it to the syllabus and ended up figuring out that the syllabus actually goes with the material in the book. So, I started reading the book and things started fitting together. The book was explaining concepts in much better detail than the instructor did in her 30 minute lecture.

Books are so important. Don’t neglect using them. Especially you teachers. Students are students for a reason. Students want to learn. They don’t have the knowledge. They take classes to learn stuff they don’t already know.

My point: I love books….I wish everyone did. Question 300 dpi