Art Merchandise Swap

Ever do a merchandise swap? It’s like a gift exchange, but in my case it was a swap of two different types of art items. She created a figurine of an orange cat for me. I sent her one of my books that I have already published… first book. She ended up send me hers first because I was just too busy to be first. LOL…

I decided on an orange cat because those are my favorite kinds of cats. I don’t have any cats or any animals of any type. However, if I did, it would be an orange cat. They are beautiful cats and they often have a “leave me alone” personality. I like the independent animals that don’t need 24/7 attention. After all, I have a child who demands me almost 24/7…well, 18/7 is more realistic cause he does sleep but he wakes often.

It came out very nicely, though not as I had expected. I also love the pose she gave it. At first, I was going to put it in my china cabinet. However, I have mini plants on the window sill in the kitchen and it looks quite comfortable and happy sitting there with them. So, I’m going to keep it on the kitchen window sill.

I would have liked to post a pic of the kitten on the window sill. However, I was not expecting to have the time to write this post so I did not take a picture. I also didn’t have the time yet to take a picture. But, I do have a picture I took of the cat when I first took it from the box. It is sitting besides my choice of drink for this year’s Christmas dinner. There’s a star ornament sitting besides the cat that she sent me also.

Cat Figurine

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Custom Made Sailboat Mobile

A very nice Facebook friend of mine (Leslie Everest – The Cracked Pot Handcrafts) made my baby boy a cute baby mobile. She made it sailboat themed and I didn’t even know what it was she was sending me. It turned out really nice. It’s a really nice surprise baby gift. See the pictures in this post below. If you have been following along my journey as a children’s book author, you will know that this goes with the theme of the first book I wrote.


Photos were taken by me, Kathleen Ivan. The baby mobile was handmade by Leslie Everest who runs a page entitled The Cracked Pot Handcrafts. To see more of Leslie’s creations, see her facebook page. The link to her facebook  craft page is

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A Cute Afghan

Me and Afghan - 29 Weeks IMG_3284

I received this cute afghan from Leslie Everest last month. I had sent her a pink, wooden sailboat model because it was the prize in a giveaway that I was doing. I didn’t know she was making this. She made it and sent it to me. I like it and it goes with my first book, “A PinkBoat Adventure”. It’s nice and soft as well as warm. So, I have it on the couch in the living room till it gets to summertime weather and it’s too hot for afghans.

I took this picture yesterday. I’m at 29 weeks in this photo and I’m going into 30 weeks in a few days. It will be a boy, so it’s sort of funny that I’m sitting by a pink afghan. But the picture was meant to capture the nice afghan. Nevertheless, it’ll still be a fun picture some day in the future to show to baby. 🙂



Too Many Thoughts in my Head

Today’s a blah day today.

My brain is on overdrive, but I slept till ten today so it’s playing catch up.

I have too many thoughts in my head to concentrate on one.

I’m thinking about my trip to the mid-west coming up soon.

I’m going there to visit family.

While it will be fun, it still takes some planning.

Of course I’m gonna be taking some pictures while there.

I will be there about a week.

I’m also thinking about my new book I’m writing and illustrating.

I’m thinking about using my niece as reference pictures from which to draw from.

I’m also trying to decide if I should hurry up and publish the book by September.

Or should I wait and take my time to publish it.

I’m sort of thinking on getting it done by September instead of taking my time on it.

These are only two of the various thoughts in my head.

I think I can handle up to three thoughts in my head at one time.

So, I think I have over three thoughts banging around in there.

I feel like I have a subdued  brain freeze.

So, I’m not gonna post a picture for my post here.

Usually I do, but today can be different.

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Some Art by Other Artists that I Like

These are some pieces of art that I, in particular, liked at a current art show that I went to. If you like art, you might want to take a look at these.

I liked this one because of the way the broken bits of sunglasses reflected the light in its environment. Those bits of lighter portions everywhere are reflections of light in the room. Otherwise, it would be total black.

Artist: Ichiro Irie Title: Refracture Made with Broken Sunglasses

Artist: Ichiro Irie
Title: Refracture
Made with Broken Sunglasses

This is a close-up. You can see the light reflections and the texture a little better. I actually met the artist. These are rather average in size: 25″ x 25″ and 12″ x 12″.

Artist: Ichiro Irie Title: Refracture Made with Broken Sunglasses

Artist: Ichiro Irie
Title: Refracture
Made with Broken Sunglasses

I also really liked this dark colored one on the left. It mimics the color of night time and it is relaxing to look at. For me anyways. 🙂 I met with the artist and she said that most people don’t like the red one but are more drawn towards the brighter colors of the green one. Evidently, I was the exception. 🙂

Artist: Maggie Tennesen Title of Red one: Eternal Dialogues, 2013 Title of Green one: Rent Time, 2009 Materials are Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Maggie Tennesen
Title of Red one: Eternal Dialogues, 2013
Title of Green one: Rent Time, 2009
Materials are Acrylic on Canvas

Another view of the same art pieces. I took all the pictures with my Nikon D3200.

These are rather large. They are 48″ x 48″ and 72″ x 48″.

Artist: Maggie Tennesen Title of Red one: Eternal Dialogues, 2013 Title of Green one: Rent Time, 2009 Materials are Acrylic on Canvas

Artist: Maggie Tennesen
Title of Red one: Eternal Dialogues, 2013
Title of Green one: Rent Time, 2009
Materials are Acrylic on Canvas

This one is really interesting also. It originally had ice in the empty spaces between the frame and the containers. However, I didn’t have my camera at the time. So, this is a picture of the art display after the ice had melted. You can see evidence of the melted ice in the brownish residue beneath the sculpture on the right. As the ice melted, it dripped and some of it collected into the containers.

This is rather small. It is 7″ x 7″ x 5″. I was told that the artist sculpted the containers.

Artist: Robert Miller Title: Untitled, 2015 Composed of Ceramics, Green Tea Ice, and Wood Frame

Artist: Robert Miller
Title: Untitled, 2015
Composed of Ceramics, Green Tea Ice, and Wood Frame

There were lots of other exhibits, but these are the ones I liked the most.

O Faded Rose

O faded rose,

You are a sight to see.

But words of love you whisper to me.

090 1

To the nose you bring no sweet smell,

But on the wind are words you do tell

of love that makes the heart swell.

O faded rose,

Overlooked by many,

Your worth much more than a penny.

O faded rose,

You’ve not lost your glory

and you have a great story.

104 1

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An Interesting Decorative Item I Purchased from a UK Crafter

I got this cute little tree just the other day.

Green & Pink Gemmed Tree

Green & Pink Gemmed Tree

Those are green and light pink “stones” on the tree. I ordered in from Rainbow Trees.

It came from the UK.

People over there make interesting craft items.

This was a pretty penny, but I take care of my things so…….

Here’s a few pictures that give u an idea of how large the tree actually is.

This is how high the tree is.

It's small, but pretty.

It’s small, but pretty.

I actually specially ordered it. Originally, it was going to come with all green. However, I asked her to add pink to it and to use the star charms to hang in the branches. I also asked her to put those three charms on the bark. So, she’ll customize it the way you want it with the items she has on hand.


I only like to suggest products that I like and this is one that I like.

So, I’m suggesting you take a look at her items.

I took some of my Easter decorations and put them under the tree for a “cute” picture.


I am chuckling looking at this last picture. 🙂

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Some Interesting Night Photographs

I like taking photographs at night.

So, I’ve been doing some for my mid-term in my photography class.

I got some really interesting ones I’d like to share.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.

A long shutter speed produced this photo.


Can u see the mountains?


Can you see that “shooting star”?

It’s not really a shooting star by the way.

I’m not going to say what exactly the picture is of though.

It’s just what I can see out of the front door.

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What I’ve Been Up To…..

This is something I did in art class recently.

This is something I did in art class recently.

I’ve been busy with a bunch of things lately. I didn’t think that I could be busy out here in the desert. Yet, I am.

I have an art class that I have been going to twice a week. Then, I also go to Art Club meetings once a week. With Art Club comes volunteering opportunities which I will be engaging in soon at the end of this month and in November.

I’ve also been advertising to get actual reviews for my book, “A PinkBoat Adventure” on Amazon. I can’t change the price, so the price is $3.99 for digital format. My family is not internet friendly and others don’t see that it is valuable to leave a review. I often post reviews on Amazon for things I buy regardless of whether it’s a book or not. I feel like it’s valuable and helps others decide what product they will choose to buy.

I also have other daily things to do like grocery shopping, cooking dinner, etc.

I am also working on some art projects. They will be displayed for sale at art galleries in the local area. Hopefully, someone will purchase them as I am just a beginner “artist”.

It’s time for me to get some food….dinner time. 🙂


Kathleen Ivan

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Art Class & The Importance of Book Usage

I decided to take an art class to brush up on my painting “skills”. This is my second class so far. I originally thought that this was going to be an all book or mostly all book class. However, it’s not. So, I was rather annoyed when the teacher said that we didn’t “need” the book. What is up with teachers not using books? Books are so valuable.

Also, I want to learn something: the methods and processes involved in painting. I just can’t do something without learning how to do it first. I already tried that in my other class. 😦 So, I was rather annoyed after my first two days of class ended and I felt like I didn’t learn anything. So, I decided that it was up to me to “figure out” the concepts that go with the assignments the teacher was giving us.

So, I picked up the book that was suggested for the class but not “required”. I compared it to the syllabus and ended up figuring out that the syllabus actually goes with the material in the book. So, I started reading the book and things started fitting together. The book was explaining concepts in much better detail than the instructor did in her 30 minute lecture.

Books are so important. Don’t neglect using them. Especially you teachers. Students are students for a reason. Students want to learn. They don’t have the knowledge. They take classes to learn stuff they don’t already know.

My point: I love books….I wish everyone did. Question 300 dpi