Art Merchandise Swap

Ever do a merchandise swap? It’s like a gift exchange, but in my case it was a swap of two different types of art items. She created a figurine of an orange cat for me. I sent her one of my books that I have already published… first book. She ended up send me hers first because I was just too busy to be first. LOL…

I decided on an orange cat because those are my favorite kinds of cats. I don’t have any cats or any animals of any type. However, if I did, it would be an orange cat. They are beautiful cats and they often have a “leave me alone” personality. I like the independent animals that don’t need 24/7 attention. After all, I have a child who demands me almost 24/7…well, 18/7 is more realistic cause he does sleep but he wakes often.

It came out very nicely, though not as I had expected. I also love the pose she gave it. At first, I was going to put it in my china cabinet. However, I have mini plants on the window sill in the kitchen and it looks quite comfortable and happy sitting there with them. So, I’m going to keep it on the kitchen window sill.

I would have liked to post a pic of the kitten on the window sill. However, I was not expecting to have the time to write this post so I did not take a picture. I also didn’t have the time yet to take a picture. But, I do have a picture I took of the cat when I first took it from the box. It is sitting besides my choice of drink for this year’s Christmas dinner. There’s a star ornament sitting besides the cat that she sent me also.

Cat Figurine

If u like what she did for me, then you can contact her through facebook. Her business page is


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