Playing Sports isn’t for Me

I really dislike playing sports. I gave it a shot when I was younger, but it just never worked out. I remember some rather hilarious and somewhat embarrassing episodes.

Let’s start with kickball. That should be a rather easy sport to play, right? Not so. I just couldn’t figure out how to kick that ball. “How do I kick it?” I would ask in exasperation. “Just kick it,” they’d reply. “How? With the tip of my shoe? With the side?”  I was so confused. I put all my effort into trying to figure out how to actually make contact with the ball, but nobody would give me a sufficient answer. Eventually, the gym class gave me up as a lost cause. If I did actually kick the ball it went directly to the pitcher and I ended up striking out. To this day, I still can’t kick a ball.

There was also basketball in high school gym class. I didn’t mind that sport, but I just could not catch a pass if the ball was headed my way. One day, the class had a various number of basketballs out there and we were in groups. So, it was rather noisy and balls were everywhere. I heard a girl shout “watch out!” coming from somewhere behind me. I turned to look and smack it was too little too late. Where in the world did that ball come from to be coming straight down upon my head!? I still remember how I really wanted to faint from the extreme force. Of course I fell down and while it was funny to an onlooker, I didn’t think it was funny at all. It hurt so much I couldn’t help crying. I heard someone say, “You must have a hard head”. I figured it was part compliment and part lack of consideration. To this day, I cringe, close my eyes, and cover my head whenever I see a ball headed my way.

Maybe worst of all was when I tried to do a cartwheel when I was in fifth grade. I liked gymnastics so I was good with doing that. However, I couldn’t do a pull-up to save my life. Still can’t. So, the teacher had set up an obstacle course and everyone took a turn going through it. So, for some reason, the other students were doing cartwheels at the end. I refused to do one because my better judgement was telling me not to. But everyone, including the teacher, wanted me to try one. I knew I shouldn’t, but I did. So, what happened?  My shirt ended up over my head and I had fallen on top of the teacher. I heard a gasp go through the class as I/we fell in a heap.

I had to try to do sports all throughout my school years because of required gym classes. However, they all ended up in some kind of tragedy or embarrassing event. So, I stopped participating the last few years of high school. Even today, I avoid playing any kind of sport. I know they aren’t for me unless I’m looking for a funny story idea. 🙂

One day, I do want to learn how to swim. However, my past experiences are making me hesitant to try this out. I have to decide whether the embarrassment of the process is worth learning how to swim.

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  1. canaf
    May 28, 2015 @ 21:17:53

    Sports are not my thing either unless it is on the Wii.


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