An Interesting Decorative Item I Purchased from a UK Crafter

I got this cute little tree just the other day.

Green & Pink Gemmed Tree

Green & Pink Gemmed Tree

Those are green and light pink “stones” on the tree. I ordered in from Rainbow Trees.

It came from the UK.

People over there make interesting craft items.

This was a pretty penny, but I take care of my things so…….

Here’s a few pictures that give u an idea of how large the tree actually is.

This is how high the tree is.

It's small, but pretty.

It’s small, but pretty.

I actually specially ordered it. Originally, it was going to come with all green. However, I asked her to add pink to it and to use the star charms to hang in the branches. I also asked her to put those three charms on the bark. So, she’ll customize it the way you want it with the items she has on hand.


I only like to suggest products that I like and this is one that I like.

So, I’m suggesting you take a look at her items.

I took some of my Easter decorations and put them under the tree for a “cute” picture.


I am chuckling looking at this last picture. 🙂

Take a look at my author website.

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